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      Metro Main & Metro Hub Rates & Charges, Metro Southwest Rates and Charges;

      Unlawful Metro Water is

      Billing & Customer Services to COVER unlawful retaliation?

      Direct-Pay for criminal defense attorney services?

      Payment-Options for Unlawful Retaliation?

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      Have you ever tried to find relatives in Nuremberg, Germany?  Have your relatives ever been tried in Nuremberg, Germany?


      Obstruction of JUSTICE may REQUIRE the assistance of others to avoid prosecution.  It may not be advisable or wise to aide in suppression of whistleblower activity.  Reserve your rights to Lawful Utility Behavior and avoid prosecution by not interfering with protected whistleblower activity at Metro+Water+Tuscon!
      “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” … and cease the misuse of rate payer funds to do the unethical and unlawful at their expense!

      Metro Water – MetroWater

      Metro Water – MetroWater

      Metro Water – MetroWater